Best Dart Boards 2020

Playing dart is a good solution to possess a laugh together with your friends as soon as they come across to maintain out at your home. It’s an aggressive game that needs ability and recognition which makes it an exciting activity. That’s why buying a dart board is typically an honest idea. If you are finding the best dart boards then this article is only for you.

The Different Types Of Dart Boards

There are many various styles of dart boards out there, and you would like to settle on the only which inserts your needs the simplest before you even keep in mind buying one. Here are a number of the foremost prominent sorts with all of their upsides and drawbacks.

  1. Bristle Dart Boards
  2. Coiled Paper Dart Boards
  3. Electronic Dart Boards
  4. Magnetic Dart Boards
  5. Wooden Dart Boards
  6. Cork Dart Boards

Best Dart Boards Review

The question that the public continues asking me is: Which is better Bristle dart boards or electronic dart boards or normal ones? I constantly say that it relies upon on your personal taste. If you are doing now not have time to travel thru specific reviews, here are our top 10 best dart boards for you. We also included a buying guide for you so that you can find the best one easily.

01. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard

Out of all the bristle dart boards on the market, this one are that the undeniable king. There are many motives for this however let’s begin with some of the most foremost ones.

The density of the sisal used for the assembly of this dart board is particularly high, permitting it to be extraordinarily long-lasting and decreasing bounce-outs to a minimum. Besides, thereto, the triangular wiring used similarly reduces jump-outs as does the staple-free layout. With this, the quantity of ‘lifeless space’ on the board is saved to a minimum, and there are nearly no soar outs to be had – the darts will stick nearly every time.

Of course, this doesn’t maintain actual for all darts. If you’re the usage of darts with softer, shorter tips, or plastic tips, they are going to soar greater frequently thanks to the excessive density of the sisal. This is isn’t common; however, it’s worth maintaining in mind.

The board does cost quite a bit quite average, so if you’re on a budget, you would possibly want to consider. However, it’s worth paying for top fine and this dart board suits that description – you may have hassle finding another model nearly as right as this one.

Pros :

  • The layout of the wiring used reduces bounce-outs
  • The board is noticeably dense and long-lasting
  • It has a fantastic appearance and experience to it, and it’s made in law size

Cons :

  • Not proper for use with shorter, soft-tipped darts
  • The rate is quite steep

02. Doinkit Dart Board

Here we’ve got an exceptional board for informal players. It is sort of perfect for your kids or your pals throughout amusing, drunken parties. While this board does have some remarkable upsides, safety may not be certainly one of them. The board is shaped to seem form of an ordinary dart board with correct markings and size of roughly 16 inches in diameter.

This board wasn’t intended to be used by expert players except for recreational purposes. The board comes with six unique magnetic darts. Both the board and consequently the darts are quite long-lasting and nearly impossible to break throughout the play.

You see, the darts are quite heavy which indicates they nevertheless pose a security risk despite now not having the capacity to impale each person. Besides, they have lots of small elements so you ought to verify that your youngsters won’t be at risk of swallowing them. Still, it’s a tremendous informal board and consequently the quality magnetic board out there.

Pros :

  • Highly durable and not likely to interrupt
  • It comes at a low, affordable charge point
  • Has the style and size of an actual dart board and it’s easy to use
  • Comes with six darts

Cons :

  • Contains small elements that may be choking hazards to young kids
  • The magnetic darts are quite heavy and can be dangerous


03. TG Champion Tournament Dart Board

TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard is a dart board that crafted with the handiest and greatest materials, making it durable and pinnacle quality. TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard can be a dartboard appropriate for humans of all tiers. Additionally, it is frequently enjoyed by both youngsters and adults.

It additionally features a good stick within the fibers of the bristles, which makes the game interesting when playing with metal tip darts. It also has a complex spider twine dividing system which allows in the maintenance and repair of the dartboard just in case of injury.

Pros :

  • Staple-Free Bull’s Eye
  • Slim Wire Spider
  • Made from Self-Healing Sisal Fibers
  • Its dimensions are 8 x 30 x 26 inches
  • Wall Mounting Hardware Included
  • No Assembly Required
  • Its weight is 5.6 pounds
  • Can use a metal tip or gentle tip darts
  • Good for all levels but fine for beginners
  • It has video games in one
  • The massive scoring place for that reason increasing the benefit to goal and score
  • Comes along with the wall mounting hardware
  • Ultra-slender cord for a discounted soar off

Cons :

  • Color fades easily
  • Not smooth to mount it at the wall
  • Holes do no longer close after throwing the dart

04. Viper Shot King Sisal / Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

The next abreast of our list is one a number of the top-tier viper league seasoned from Viper via GLD products. The viper shot king sisal/bristle metal tip dartboard with staple-free bullseye, and six darts are robust and weight approximately 12 pounds (truly heavy)

It offers you an opportunity to apply soft and metallic darts, as a consequence providing you with the only experience, to now not mention, the feeling of the groove.All types of players can easily use this dartboard. Additionally, it is regularly used for professional games also as after you shall play the sport for amusing.

Viper Shot King allows players to rotate the board. This allows for booming its sturdiness by using permitting the fibers to heal. This dart board additionally comes along facet two whole units of metal tip darts and mounting hardware. The board can accommodate both tender tip and steel tip darts.

Pros :

  • Constructed the usage of sisal bristle fibers
  • Has a staple unfastened bullseye which enables prevent bounce-outs
  • Has two whole sets of metallic darts
  • Has a few rings that are removable for this reason supporting you to rotate the metal darts
  • Can be used for both reliable tournaments and amusing games reception
  • Its dimensions are 21 x 21 x five inches
  • It weighs thirteen pounds
  • Good for gamers of all stages
  • Darts easily kind on the goal areas
  • Has movable earrings that allow one to rotate the hardware
  • Rotating variety of ring and consequently the first-class of the development
  • Backing board is high-density fingerboard helping the sisal face
  • Nice color saturation and contrast

Cons :

  • Its aesthetic appeal isn’t always robust enough
  • Not available for delivery altogether countries

05. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

This electronic dart board is a regulation-sized board that comes at a fairly affordable fee.This board allows eight gamer and boasts an entire of forty pre-programmed game modes with 179 versions in total. It can calculate average factors per dart automatically for each gamer after their round ends. You can use this to help improve your sport and to envision how nicely you’re doing overall.This is mostly an especially transportable board so one can be taken anywhere.

For starters, the darts that accompany this board are low-high-quality and susceptible to breaking, you need to get every other set for use with it. Therefore the CPU vs. Mode isn’t always worth gambling at all.

Pros :

  • Small and easily transportable
  • Affordable for a digital dart board of this type
  • Comes with numerous pre-programmed modes
  • Highly long-lasting and not susceptible to soar outs

Cons :

  • The darts that include the board are terrible in exceptional
  • There are some issues with defective scoring and a few unplayable modes

06. Accudart Starlite Dart Board

This wound paper board is cheap as hell and a decent board. But it is relatively accurate for the budget in this price range.One of the simplest features of this dart board is that it’s video games in one. The board is sort of large also, with a diameter of nineteen inches, even as being decently thick also, at 2 inches. This makes it fantastically durable as paper board.The board offers a set of six brass darts which are quite exact.

However, this is a paper board so it’s going to get wiped out quickly with everyday use. The wiring isn’t good, sadly, so jump-outs are quite commonplace when you’re fiddling with it.If you’re on a budget and you’re attempting to find a best dart board that won’t fee you tons, this is the only to urge.

Pros :

  • Surprisingly long-lasting for a wound paper board
  • Comes with a fixed of six best brass darts
  • The dart board functions video games on it

Cons :

  • Bounce outs are commonplace due to awful wiring
  • It tends to depart a mess near the playing area

07. DMI Sports Deluxe Dart Board

This is one of the best exercise dart boards for professional gamers that you truly can get immediately. It looks extremely good, it feels great, and it comes at an incredibly affordable charge for something that’s of such top excellent. There are a few faults here, of course, but none which might be obvious deal-breakers.

The board is a bristle dart board. It is made out of super sisal and it’s quite dense. The bull’s eye is staple-free, so there will be fewer bounce-outs there. It’s a long-lasting board.It provides a group of six first-rate darts, a chalkboard for retaining rating and a few chalks and an eraser.

However, for the worth, this is frequently still one in every of the simplest best dart boards around.

Pros :

  • The board is remarkable, fantastically long-lasting and made to in shape expert specifications
  • It comes with darts, chalkboards, chalk and an eraser
  • The rate is more than less costly for most

Cons :

  • The cabinet is poorly made, and greatly differs between individual products
  • You will discover that the extras it comes with are poor

08. Hathaway Centerpoint Dart Board

This is a suitable dart board for the duration of a nice-looking cabinet that comes at a reasonable fee. It’s constructed out of yellow poplar wood and capabilities dark cherry furnishings finish. The diameter of 18 inches is absolutely the right length for each pro and informal player.

The board itself is a type of well-made, and it’s surprisingly durable, no longer showing symptoms of damage even after months of use. It heals fairly well. The board is additionally quite fragile, and it may get scratched or chipped exceptionally easy, so you must handle it with care.

Still, this is frequently an extremely good deal for the worth, and it’s the only wood dartboard we may want to find on the market at this point.

Pros :

  • The board is a type of sturdy
  • It looks stunning regardless of wherein you put it
  • The darts that accompany it are of amazing quality
  • The price is quite superb for something this good

Cons :

  • The hinges on the cupboard doors are of terrible quality
  • The cupboard is sort of fragile, and it may get chipped easily

09. Unicorn D1179403 Eclipse Dart Board

If you’re an off-the-cuff player that wants to possess a top-quality recreation of darts now and again together with your friends, that is the best dart board you would love to urge. It’s an extremely good board that doesn’t cost too much and guarantees that you truly will nearly usually be geared up to hit the mark.

This board is particularly durable, and if you’re an off-the-cuff participant, it’s certain to final thru years of repeated use.The fee may additionally seem a touch steep to casual players, however, it’ll pay off in time.

Pros :

  • The staple-free layout method there won’t be a number of jump-outs
  • A dense however skinny and slick board that’s fairly durable
  • It is made to in shape expert specifications

Cons :

  • The default mounting technique is poor
  • The fee is probably a piece steep for some

10. Viper Hudson Sisal / Bristle Dart Board

For the ones wondering, Viper Hudson Sisal/Bristle metallic tip dart board is one of the best dart boards at a lower price point.

The viper Hudson has 100% pure pine timber creation for intense durability, and box joints and bronze hinges also this dartboard cabinet with a mahogany finish.

Considering how they are pretty small, you have to recognize that the board is quite hard that why it sounds pretty loud.

Comfort is another issue that those dart boards get amazing, not without purchasing additional tools and elements Screws are provided however will only work with wood/drywall, and devote it to memory would not require batteries.

Pros :

  • This the proper dart board that’s kind of a gift of Christmas, birthday gift or particular gift for boyfriend and cherished one
  • Staple-unfastened bulls-eye dartboard
  • Have self-recovery sisal/bristle fibers compressed collectively for providing unsurpassed durability
  • match length dartboard (measuring 18” in diameter)
  • Low dart bounces out rate, have movable variety ring, in addition, extends the dartboard’s life
  • Relatively easy to mount and works as intended
  • Mold anywhere the board

Cons :

  • Price can be a bit high
  • Provide a hint bit loud sound

What You Need to Consider When Buying a Best Dart Board

Picking the proper dart board might sound easy, but if you’re taking it lightly, you’ll get a low-quality product that won’t last. Having a top-quality dartboard is the initiative towards having an excellent experience when playing the dart game. However, with the various models of dartboards within the market today, finding the simplest among them is simpler said than done. Use the buying guide above to assist you to get the simplest dartboard which will not offer you future frustrations. We hope that this buying guide will assist you better understand. an honest quality board always assist you to enjoy your game fulfill or take your game next level if you employ for developing your game.


One of the primary belongings you got to consider is that the size of the dart board that you’re buying. This is often important thanks to many reasons – the quantity of space you’ve got available for the board, the number of individuals you would like to be twiddling with it then on. It’s especially important if you plan to play professionally – therein case, you ought to ask the league you plan to hitch and obtain a regulation-size dart board. Usually, in diameter, standard bristle dart boards are between 17.5 and 18 inches. While electronic dart boards usually qualify to fifteen .5 inches approximately.


The materials the board is formed of are important for a good sort of reason, albeit you’re just an off-the-cuff player of darts. For starters, boards made out of certain materials won’t last as long as other boards. Paper boards will naturally break down very soon. Bristle boards are better, and that they are going to be quite long-lasting. Wooden boards have tons of variety, though they’re mostly made up of elmwood. Confirm the wooden board you get is real wood, though; there are plenty of fake-wood boards out there. Electronic boards will mostly be made out of some plastic, rubber, and metal, though some might use a touch of wood or other materials here and there. This mostly comes right down to your personal preference.

Depth & Density

This is a quite important aspect that’s not talked about enough – the density of a dart board, especially a bristle dart board, will greatly impact the standard. Though in electronic dart boards, the density refers to something different. Since darts don’t pierce them but stick into the pre-existing holes within the board itself, the density of the holes is what matters. The more holes there are, the upper the prospect that a dart will stick. Of course, this is often not pertinent for a few boards, like magnetic ones for instance.

The depth of the board is additionally important. A depth of 1.5 inches is typically enough, and that’s how thick most tournament boards are. Of course, this is applicable primarily to bristle, boards – there’s no risk of piercing with electronic or magnetic boards white wood boards are too hard for many darts to pierce through fully.


Durability is one of the highest most belongings you may consider before making a sale. The simplest thing you’ll do to see if a board is bad is to check it out – sadly, this is often rarely possible. You’ll roll in the hay if the shop features a test model on display or if you’ll return the merchandise after it seems to be bad, but otherwise, it’s a touch harder to see. There are still belongings you can check out though. In-person, you’ll press lightly on some parts of the board to ascertain if they’re solid enough or, within the case of bristle boards, if the play area recovers quickly from a light-weight poke because it should. You’ll also check whether the frame is correctly connected to the most portion of the board. If you’re buying online, check out the user reviews, especially from people who’ve had the board for a short time, quite a couple of months to urge the right information.


You always attempt to find a dart board from bristle and electronic boards which cover their stylish gaming cabinet. These sorts of the council provide you very comfortable ocular aesthetic to your home or office and this sort of board also protecting the board and your darts once you can’t use dartboard.

Number of display and surface

If you decide on from electronic dartboard, then you ought to consider it with a screen. Once you choose your option to remember LEDs are very colorful and vibrant instead of LCD. It’s become hard to read from a distance if you decide on LCD. And a few electric boards offer simple number display, and a few provide multiple screens that allow you to balance your score against your opponent. And therefore the surface is another significant role for the board, most them are sanded in multiple directions to offer a more beautiful playing surface provide a vibrant cover that gives the bristle to cure practically for longevity.

Wiring of the board

Wiring is the other critical factor that you simply need to consider when buying the dart board. The wiring helps to separate the outer fringes from the central section of the dartboard thus preventing bounce backs. For this reason, you need to pay careful attention to make sure that you simply have the dartboard with the wires which will be the simplest for you. So, you’ll choose the dartboard whose inner wiring system and bull are free from staples. Additionally, you’ll choose a triangular wired dartboard which helps increase the probabilities of hitting the target. Either way, the standard of the wiring system of the board that you simply shall buy shouldn’t be compromised.

Hanging of the board

Before buying a board it is important to consider how you will hang it on the wall or frame and ensure that it is safe. Remember that the way that you simply hang the dartboard will have an enormous impact on the type of game that you will play. Some of the dart boards will come alongside well-designed wall brackets to assist you to attach it. Others would require you to possess a hanger for you to mount them on the wall.

What your plan to use it for

If you aim at using it for parties, friendly competition on your home or group uses it’s the right idea to settle on from the standard or professional board which has a heftier construction. However, if you’re semi-experienced or beginner level player or using the dart board only for enjoy than dartboard construction may be a less critical factor. And if you choose dartboard for your kids, you should select from any magnetic dart board. Lastly, if you want to develop your playing skill or wish to buy the best dart board then follow our Top chart and goes with the best boards.

Extra Features

To the layman most dart boards look an equivalent and, thus, most manufacturers try to try to do something special to differentiate their dart boards from those of their competitors. Because of that they often include tons of unique extra features within the package. If you think that these extra features could be useful, get a board that has them but which will significantly up the worth. Usually, non-electronic boards have useful extra features more mundane, buts.

Consider the warranty and price

Like when purchasing any other item, it is important to consider the price of the dart boards available in the market and ensure that you purchase that which is in line with your budget. However, more often than not, the higher the price, the better the quality of the board.

It is possible to ensure this may the warranty that has been offered. This will be the simplest to assist you to make sure that the merchandise you’re buying will deliver what the manufacturers have promised. However, ensure that you follow what is expected of you with the dart for you to continue enjoying the warranty.

Overall before buying any dart board you’ve got to settle on board from known brand manufacturing origin who are special on dart board game.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)


The right height of the dart board should be five fit eight inches (5’8”). and therefore the distance from the dartboard from the throw line should be exactly 7’9 ¼ “.


Hanging a dart board isn’t a simple task for everybody, Let’s have a glance at some natural step to line a daily dart board.

When you found your dart board, you furthermore may saw some screw-on darts back, first of all, discard those screws. and located 1 screw which you ought to set within the center of the board. Then these other pieces go round the outside to stay the board held tightly to the wall. You literally and just put those three areas around the board the nail merely goes through the opening if you’re employing a hammer please let an adult do that.

One by one when the third screw was okay those beat place, and as I said we’ve got the screw already in situ now we’re getting to return to the opposite piece that we discarded. And now we are getting to hang it to the wall. If you employ the wooden wall, then no problem with this screw another hand if you’re using a fence or concrete then you’re getting to want to shop for some raw plugs pre-drill and using the right size or plugs and screw into the wall.

Now select the peak, and therefore the height has got to 5 feet 8 or 173 centimeters that we would like to live from the ground or woods. Now screw it within the back and therefore the screw slots into this bracket.


Follow simple steps and follow these your boards will last an extended, while if you are unable then you finish up with blisters and pops the materials needed are a dart board and a squirt bottle.

There are just a couple of simple steps, to caring for a bristle board which will extend the lifetime of it tremendously first and foremost. you would like to moisten the board with a squirt bottle don’t saturate it moisten because it dries it’ll swell the bristles, and it’ll stay small number two if you would like to rotate your board. So, in turn, the board two or three numbers take off your corresponding markers and replace it in this manner, so your 20s on top and you’re able to play again.


If you’ve got an honest quality board the sport becomes more enjoyable for you. Consider your level of play before buying the proper board. A consecutive bristle board might not be the simplest pick for you if you’re trying to find merry-making. So let’s take a glance at a number of the foremost popular and best seller’s dart boards and see what they provide us today and which one do you have to choose?


A dart board for you to use it depends on the extent of the ability and the way much money you would like to spend mainly for a junior or someone an absolute beginner you would possibly want to shop for a paper dartboard. it’s just like the traditional dirt board that we use but it made the color of paper. If you passed that stage and you’re still curious about the sport you would possibly want to travel to a bristled dartboard which is more traditional. Now there are tons of dart board out there to settle on from an honest bristle board is comparatively inexpensive will last you an extended time provided. I might recommend as knowledgeable to use and play on the highest 3 dart boards of our review if want to play professionally.


All completion levels and quality dartboard are typically made from sisal fibers. On the opposite hand, beginner level or less costly dartboard are sometimes made from cork or coiled paper. However, various sorts of sisal fiber are utilized in dartboard now each day, origination from Brazil East Africa or chine.


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