Top 10 Best Electronic Dart board 2020

Electronic dart boards, one of the most popular arcade games which come with a new look and style. By playing dart is a great way to have fun with your friends and nearest when they come over to hang out at your place. In recent years Electric dart boards have become popular and offering an alternative way to practice at home and a much safer and more interactive experience for both children and adults. When you think with the best electronic dart board, the only thing you will have to do some fun.


When we review about best electronic dartboard we focused on several different features that make us a very reliable and fun board. These include is that how big the dart board is, accessories are included with that. We have also looked at the dart board installation, power and many other aspects of electric boards.

  1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electric Dart board

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electric Dart board has all the cool features which an electrical dart board should have. It’s the classic red, black and yellow target. It has a 15.5″ target. Playability and durability are improved with Nylon tough segments. The segment dividers are made from micro-thin layers so bounce of darts while throwing is not anymore a problem. it’s highly responsive sensors. It also has a one-year warranty against defects.

Pros :

  • Tournament quality dartboard
  • 39 games
  • 179 level variations
  • Nylon tough segments
  • Improved durability and playability
  • Microthin segment dividers
  • Reduced bounce
  • Optional 3 level heckler feature
  • X/O LED score display
  • Up to eight players
  • Best for tournaments
  • Fewer bounce-outs
  • Interactive play

Cons :

  • Darts quality isn’t that good
  1. Max LCD soft tip dart board

The Win.Max LCD soft tip dart board set is that the hottest budget electronic dart board out there. It comes with everything you would like to possess fun (6 darts, 40 tips, automatic scoring), and everyone for tons but most comparable models.

It’s the sole budget dart board that doesn’t have 1,000,000 reviews complaining about the darts flying out. This one comes with everything you’d expect during a higher-end set PLUS it works. It doesn’t appear as if an inexpensive piece of plastic. If you would like a very good board that won’t break during a week and don’t want to spend tons of cash, this is often the simplest option.

Pros :

  • Electronics work well
  • Quality darts unlike most inexpensive sets
  • plenty of fun games
  • seems like an upscale board
  • many great Amazon ratings
  • Power Supply Included
  • No issues in the least with the auto-scoring system
  • The darts grip the board
  • Includes more games than other dartboards at this price range

Cons :

  • Darts are quality, just not super high-quality
  • Multiplayer options limited
  1. Viper 777 Soft Tip Dart board

This is the simplest budget electronic dart board. This dart board certainly does stun. It has ultra-thin segment dividers. And also superbly large catch rings round the target face makes it extremely easy and friendly to use (no matter your level of experience). So, if you’re looking to enjoy quiet and uninterrupted gameplay, this is often probably something you don’t want to miss out on.


  • The darting surface is powerful with an adorable 15.5-inch face
  • Thin segment dividers for reduced bounce-outs
  • Bilingual usability (English and Spanish)
  • Provides you with a trendy color scheme
  • Concave-holed segments that withstand years of impact
  • Huge catch ring surrounding the whole target face for added safetyPrevis
  • Intelligent design
  • User-friendly backlit LCD
  • Provides 10 buttons that enable you to customize your gaming experience
  • A score correction button is included to permit for manual intervention when necessary


  • Battery power is too fast, better invest in an adapter for it
  1. DARTSLIVE-200S Soft Darts Board

The DARTSLIVE-200S Soft Darts Board has many features to suit both serious and hobbyist players. It’s exceptionally popular thanks to the very fact it’s compatible with a superb app, Dart slive. The dimensions of this board are extremely much standard for electronic boards. The app is that the feature which gets most of the people excited. It allows you to gather with other user’s reception, track your progress and improvement and even use training modes. The training modes assist you to become better at aim, showing you ways to hit treble 20 or bullseye regularly. Included Accessories are also pretty impressive. Many users have talked about how quiet this is often, and the way well the darts stick in.

Pros :

  • Excellent training mode.
  • Both iOS and Android device compatible app.
  • Noise from the board is relatively low.
  • Bounce-outs is very rare.
  • It comes with 10 spare tips for the inevitable breakages and darts.

Cons :

  • Instructions for installation are primarily in Asian languages.
  • Darts can grind to a halt within the holes before they need to be worn in.
  1. Viper Neptune One Of The Best Electronic Dart board

Viper Neptune electronic dart board is another best pick consistent with our experts.It is mostly perfect for beginners and intermediate players. This Dart board comes with Ultra-thin spider and grade nylon that helps to scale back the bounce. The dart board provides an option of playing up to 16 players and offers 57 games with 307 options.

It comes with a missed dart catch ring option which will help to guard your floor against missed shots. If you’re on their lonesome and still you would like to play the sport then this dart board allows the function of play against a computer that gives 5 levels of difficulty to compete.


  • The stylish color scheme of red, silver and black
  • The best option for the intermediate and professional player
  • Include 6 soft tip darts and an outsized dart cabinet
  • Provide 57 games with 307 variations
  • Show both scoring number and cricket symbol
  • It allows playing with a computer at 5 different levels


  • It doesn’t show the average scoring of player
  • LED display show much clear and visual view than the LCD
  1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart Board

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart Board is a high-tech electronic dartboard. You can enjoy a long time competitive fun with your friends and family with this electronic dart board. This is a tournament-quality electronic dart board. It contains 24 games with 132 variations and also 5 cricket games. Its playability and durability are improved by nylon tough segments. Micro-thin layer segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs. Up to eight players can play it on just one occasion. The board has attached dart storage. It gives a one-year warranty against defects.

Pros :

  • Nylon tough segments
  • Durable
  • Exceptional playability
  • Good interactive ways
  • 2 set tri-color cricket displays
  • LED lights
  • Easy to ascertain at a distance
  • Accurate and highly responsive
  • 24 games
  • 132 different level
  • Up to eight players
  • Reduced bounce
  • Solo play option
  • Volume control
  • Sleep mode and reset
  • Dart storage board
  • One year warranty for defects

Cons :

  • Only 24 games
  1. Fat Cat 727 Dart board

It is the right electronic dartboard for youngsters and families. It’s easy to use. The simplest thing about this board is that it’s most the functions like all other electronic dart board but its price is extremely low as compared to them. The low price of fat cat 727 makes it one among the foremost popular choices of individuals. On this board, 8 players can play together. It’s a compact size so you’ll put it anywhere within the house. It’s an inexpensive board but it doesn’t mean that the standard of the board is poor. The rationale behind placing it on this list is due to its quality and price. This is often an ideal electronic dartboard for beginners.

Pros :

  • Price of dartboard is extremely much affordable
  • Best option for beginners
  • 8 Players can play together
  • It includes 18 Games with 96 Variations
  • Target surface is about 13″
  • Giving 6 Free soft tip darts
  • Additionally provided catch ring

Cons :

  • Batteries aren’t included
  • Small Display
  • Less Durable
  1. Viper 800 electric Dartboard

If you’re trying to find a top quality electronic dart board then Viper 800 is going to be an honest option for you. It’s designed by professionals with tournament quality for your long-lasting use. It comes with 57 games having 307 options which is one among the simplest features of this dart board. This dartboard may be a good option if you’re buying it for your house parties or casual gaming experience.

This electronic dart board has an external power supply adapter (5V, 1000 mA). If you’re trying to find an electronic dart board that has almost every accessories that you simply need for setup at a reasonable price then trust me Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard is that the most reliable option for you!

Pros :

  • It has 15.5″ target surface
  • Thermal resin segments are best in quality
  • Extremely much affordable price
  • To reduce bounce rates, have ultra-thin spider
  • At a time, up-to 16 players can play
  • Includes 57 games with 307 options
  • External power supply adapter included

Cons :

  • Weight is very light
  • Holds the darts tightly which may be irritating
  1. Viper Orion Electronic Soft Tip Dart board

This dartboard is within the average price range of other electronic dart boards on the market but it’s tons to supply. This dartboard is one of the low budget boards. This dart board comes with 25.5-inch regulation size and soft-tipped darts. Ultra-thin metal separates the points on the board. So as to stop as many darts as possible from bouncing off. This board features a total of 32 games available. It can work for up to eight players. A handicap option allows you to form things fair regardless of which you’re up against.


  • Attractive LCD display offers 32 games
  • Up to eight players directly
  • Handicap allows you to form your games even


  • No cabinet to stay darts from falling
  1. Fat Cat Electronic Dart Board with Cabinet

There’s little question that the fat cat dart board is intelligently designed. It’s pretty easy to put in (and not bulky). This comes with an easy-to-read instrument panel. In other words, this is often the lifeline you would like to customize your gaming experience. The unit’s LCD panel display is very easy to use that even a 5-year-old can manage it. The user interface is very friendly. This board gives you the liberty to make your ideal gaming experience through an easy push of a button.

This is a family-friendly plaything that we’d recommend for any family trying to find an ingenious activity to enjoy together reception. It’s easy to line up and use. However, its target face may be a bit too tiny although still quite usable and practical.

Pros :

  • Great electronic scoring
  • Soft tip darts are effective that easily stick within the board
  • Provides you with an ingenious space for storing
  • Built-in indicator lights and superb scoring displays
  • Enhanced in-game customization options
  • Great sort of games with up to 167 options
  • Provides up to five skill levels
  • Can accommodate up to eight players
  • Extremely easy to work all because of its 11 lustrous silver buttons
  • To enhanced user experience, it includes powerful LCD panel display
  • Intelligently designed with user-friendly 360-degree landing zones

Cons :

  • Its audio quality could are better
  • You may have to get better darts for it (it’s darts break easily)


Best Electronic Dartboards are considered by all kinds of gamers and buyers because it’s compact that’s it takes a touch space within the house to urge hung, on the opposite hand, these electronic dart boards also accompany the additional surface in order that the walls or surrounding aren’t suffering from the darts.

For these reasons together, electronic dart boards became a standard option all for entertainment. By reading this text you most likely have come to understand the features and important things to seem for within the best electronic dart board. These are both affordable and better than the regular ones and most significantly in convenient sizes.


There are several factors to think about when buying a dart board. First, ask why you would like to play darts and who are going to be playing. Does one shall join a tournament or is it only for fun? Have you ever played darts before? If you are the first-timer, you may consider buying a budget dartboard for practice. Then consider getting a replacement once they become better at it.

The size is one factor to think about. Does one want to play sort of a pro? You ought to choose the 15.5″ regulation-sized boards. However, if you’re buying dart boards for teenagers, you’d want the additional large boards.

How many players are playing?

You don’t need a dart board with up to 16 players if you simply need a board with 8 players. Buy the 16-player dart board only it includes extra features that you simply can use that’s not included in an 8-player dart board.

Depth and Density

You need to check the depth and the density level of the dart board before buying the dart.

Hanging option

After buying a dartboard, you would like to hold that board to play, but only a few people notice this hanging option. Most of the users want to hold their board on the wall with a hangar, but it’s not safe in the least. So buy a dartboard which features a wall bracket. It’s considerably helpful because now if you hanging your board you never got to remove it again to rotate the ring.

Power Source and Sound Effects

Some dartboards will only require batteries as power supply. Choose one that’s more convenient for you. For electronic dartboards, a number of them communicate with its players by calling out whose turn it’s. If you don’t mind doing things manually, you don’t need the additional features.

Preloaded Games

One of the items that make an electronic dart game interesting is that they are available with a good range of games preloaded in them. Consider the number of variations that you simply need in your electronic dart game. But note that dartboards with more games will often be costlier.


A key attribute of electronic dartboards is that the software that they use. It must work well. You would like to trust that it’ll be accurate and reliable when calculating your score. The software needs to be user-friendly. With numerous options out there, the market is sort of competitive. Look out for a product with software that suits your taste and fulfils your needs.


The actual board is often connected to its application or monitor in several ways. Typically, older models worked via Bluetooth. But you furthermore may find models that connect via wife. You ought to confirm that the tactic is compatible together with your devices. Or whether it’s any of those options in the least. You do not want to shop for a product during which the playable area is just too small. You almost certainly also want to figure out how it’ll fit into your home.


Don’t forget about the physical part of the dart board. You continue to want the board to be durable. It should be immune to some wear and tear. The looks of the board also largely depend on the hardware.


The displays of the dartboards are a crucial feature to seem for. The primary thing you ought to consider while buying one is that the readability of the display. The second thing should be the dimensions of the. The dimensions of the display doesn’t much matter if the screen pixels are understandable but if the understand ability of the pixels of the screen isn’t clear you ought to buy that one.


The common thing you’ll find in every electric dart board is that sorts of games. This feature gives differing types of games with one board are some things fancy about if needless to say. Different models offer a special number of games. Attempt to buy one with the foremost numbers, but its ok if that costs a fortune for that.


The size of the target surface alongside the dimensions of the outer surface is vital. You’ll find different sizes on the market. The foremost common electronic boards are 15.5″ target surfaced dart boards. But you’ll also get smaller and slightly larger ones too. The priority shouldn’t tend to the dimensions of the dart rather it should tend the space that you simply have reception or at an area that you would like the dartboard for. The smaller dartboards are often employed by professionals, as you recognize throwing on the tiny ones is difficult than on the larger ones.


Undoubtedly price is some things that create our thing even before buying a ball, and here we are up to purchasing an electronic dartboard. These boards don’t cost a fortune but it’d cost a touch. You will not get the most cost-effective electric dartboard at a really low price. So while buying one you’ll get to concentrate to the worth up against the standard and features of the actual dartboard. Obviously the more the features the more it’ll cost.


Any manufacturer who makes an honest quality board should stand behind the merchandise by offering an inexpensive warranty.


What should I search for before buying a dartboard?

The first thing to think about when buying a dartboard is which sort to travel for. You’ll choose from bristle dartboards which are the quality for tournaments, wooden dartboards, electronic dartboards, and even magnetic options. You’ll also want to think about the dimensions of the spider and wiring to avoid bounce-outs the maximum amount as possible.

What Dartboards Do Professionals Use?

A regulation size dartboard is most ordinarily used during tournament gameplay. These sorts of boards are commonly found online and lots of them are included during this product review.

How long do dartboards last?

How long your dartboard lasts will depend upon the standard of the board also as what proportion you’re using it. If you’re an off-the-cuff player employing a high-quality bristle dartboard, you’ll expect it to last 3-4 years before requiring replacement.

Why do my darts fall out of the board?

Darts may fall out of the board our bounce for 3 main reasons. Your dartboard is just too old and requires replacement, your darts aren’t heavy enough for a solid throw, or your darts require sharpening.

What is the right height to hold a dartboard?

From the center of board “bullseye” to the ground height is 5.8″ inch.


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